Two Day Saturday Seminar


Through the Eyes of a Child: The Developmental Impact of Trauma

Two day Saturday Seminar featuring Jeanine Fitzgerald -  certified Human Behavior Consultant and Specialist,  speaker, consultant, master trainer  and author (more about Jeanine at bottom of page).

January 25 and February 1, 2020 9:30 AM to 3 PM (Snow date Feb. 8th)

Location: Harvey Wheeler Community Center, 1276 Main Street, Concord MA

Certificate of Attendance: 10 PDPs awarded to participants

Approved as a 10 hour course (5 hours per day for 2 days). Complete both days to earn 1.0 CEU.  Please inquire if you would rather receive a “1 CEU certificate” – this is available through Jeanine for an additional $5 fee. 

Pre-registration is required - see options for registration below.  

This workshop includes material applicable to the needs of diverse learners and children with special needs. EEC Core Comp Areas 1, 2


Trauma reactive children walk through our doors every day and their life experiences have

influenced the developmental pathway each follows. Often, there are behavioral symptoms that professionals label as challenging or pathological. This practicum-based course examines trauma and its impact through a 3-part developmental framework that explains the surface behaviors and offers research-based strategies to meeting needs, providing safety and increasing competence.  [EEC Core Comp Areas 1, 2] This workshop includes material applicable to the needs of diverse learners and children with special needs.

Additional Information

Upon completion of the requirements, each participant will be able to:

1. Create a working definition of trauma.

2. Understand the trauma cycle.

3. Identify what neuroscience has taught us about the effects of trauma on

neurobiology and neurochemistry.

4. Read the emotional language of children.

5. Apply the seven pathways to a life of wellness. to a child in your care,

whether trauma-reactive or not.

6. Contrast normative developmental pathways with trauma impacted


7. Design three specific interventions, one related to prevention, one related to

teaching and the third related to emergency management.

8. Adjust the environmental elements to support self-regulation in children.


Pre-registration is required!

Seminar fee is $150 (for 10 hr training, handouts, light lunch).

Please be aware that “eventbrite” charges a fee to register online so that the total online cost is

$157.63 per spot. 

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 No refunds unless class is cancelled by CPT. 

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Pre-registration is required. No refunds unless class is cancelled by CPT.

About Jeanine Fitzgerald

Jeanine draws on more than 40 years of professional experience to empower teachers and

parents to achieve more with children “at risk.” With experience as a certified teacher, mental

health professional and mother of three grown children, she understands the promise of every child, as well as the diversity of their needs.


As a certified Human Behavior Consultant and Specialist, and Owner of The Fitzgerald Institute of Lifelong Learning, Jeanine specializes in research-based strategies in educational leadership, relationship-building, motivation, preventing the factors that compromise the fulfillment of a child’s maximum potential and implementing positive interventions in “real life” settings. She understands the daily struggles and frustrations of educators and parents, and honors the “hero within” each individual she has the privilege to work alongside.


As a speaker, consultant and master trainer, Jeanine has worked with thousands of children,

professionals and parents across the country. The settings have been varied and included

keynote presentations for The Child Welfare League of America, The New England Association for the Education of Young Children, The New England Head Start Association, The Vermont Foster and Adoptive Parent Association, The Children’s Trust Fund, and The Family Child Care Association of New York State. In addition, Jeanine has taught at the college level and presented on the campuses of The University of Rhode Island, Bryant University, Lyndon State College, and The State University System of New York and is currently teaching a graduate course at Union University. She is recognized on the federal level as an approved trainer in the fields of education, disabilities and mental health.


As an author, Jeanine has published The Dance of Interaction and a national training program

entitled Education with Insight. She is currently putting the finishing touches on her second and third books, Educating the Heart and Through the Eyes of a Child. Jeanine has appeared on public television in four states, and currently has air time in her home state of Massachusetts.