Raising Your Challenging Child with Self-Compassion and Courage is a FREE 6-week Parent Support Group Program for parents/grandparents of challenging children (4-9 years old) led by Patricia Marquis, a LICSW social worker with over 30 years of clinical experience and a wealth of experience running highly rated parenting education workshops.

Held Monday Mornings beginning March 9, 2020, and ending on April 13 (please hold April 27 for snow date) from 9:30 to 11 AM. Offered at Ripley Administration Building, 120 Meriam Road, Concord. 

LIMITED # of SPOTS. PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED! Please note: due to the small group nature of the program, the spots are limited. So if you get a spot please commit to it as someone else may not be able to participate (please email us at if anything changes that affects your ability to participate so we can open your spot back up to others.)

Program Information

Our presenter is aware of the unique reality that parents and grandparents raising a challenging child face. Through the writings of Kristen Neff and Susan Pollack, she realizes how useful it can be for parents of challenging children to develop self-compassion. In this group of like-minded caregivers, where empathy will be immediately palpable, parents will share their joy and their burdens of parenting. 

Parents will gain strategies and perspectives through the lens of self-compassion which will have a positive impact on their own well-being and ultimately on their child’s resiliency. Through the practice of self-compassionat home and in the outside world, parents will learn to:

  • Be kinder to self and less self-critical when making a mistake
  • Become more thoughtfully responsive and less reactive in tough moments in public and private settings
  • Increase self-confidence to effectively advocate for their child and reduce self-doubt
  • Increase the sense of belonging to the larger community in order to reduce isolation and      loneliness
  • Become a better observer of inner thoughts and feelings in order to become a more effective problem-solver
  • Be less judgmental of self and more resilient in the face of others’ judgments
  • Cope more effectively with  difficult and intense emotions. This leads to experiencing more hope in their life.


  • Teaching of basic self-compassion and mindfulness principles
  • Leading short guided meditations
  • Introducing exercises of self-compassionate responses to parents’ real-life dilemmas
  • Practicing self-compassion techniques in the group that parents will apply at home and then share their applied experience with the group each week.

Facilitated by Patricia Marquis, a seasoned LICSW social worker, with extensive experience

counseling individuals, couples and families. She has been a parent educator and leader of parent

groups for over 30 years. Patty brings her solid knowledge of child development, her counseling

experience and her mindfulness mindset to inspire parents to deepen their empathy for

themselves and their child.


Please sign up online using the button below 

or contact or call (978) 202-1143