Past Programs

 Here is a list of some Past Programs offered by CPT  

(to show you what we have done and what you can look forward to more of!) 


National Leader of the Sunrise Movement, Varshini Prakash 

The Climate Solution Speaker Series is thrilled to present Varshini Prakash, Co-founder and Executive Director of the Sunrise Movement.  Varshini Prakash is working tirelessly to make the Green New Deal a reality 

Do You Know How to Talk About Friendships with Your Child?   

 Sage advice and learn specific approaches that build skills

in a talk with Caroline Maguire, the author of “Why Will No One Play With Me? The Play Better Plan to Help Children of All Ages Make Friends and Thrive”  

Offered in collaboration with the Concord SEPAC, CPT,  a free parent education program on February 3, 2020.

Early Childhood Educator Conference: 
Back by Popular Demand!   Kim John Payne, M.Ed., "Being At Your Best When The Kids Are At Their Worst: The Simple Classroom Approach to Emotional Self Regulation"

May 2019 Saturday Seminar for Educators
"Learning and Development STEMs from Nature*
Facilitated by Kris Scopinich, M.Ed.

"Feeling the Squeeze as part of ‘The Sandwich Generation'?"  Free and open to all
Lunch time talk. Facilitated by Kathleen Sullivan, Community Care Coordinator from Minuteman Senior Services 

“Overcoming Stress and Anxiety in our Youth: Strategies to Support Children’s Learning and Ways to Cope”  Free Program! Featuring Dr. Donna Pincus from the Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders, Boston University


Parenting Your Middle School Child
"Moving Toward Happiness:  Guiding Your Middle School Child through Mindful Parenting"
A Five Session Series for Parents of Children in Middle School (limited number of spots) runs 5 Wednesday evenings 

"How to Make Devices Not Be Divisive for Our Family: Not Anti-Screen But Pro-Connection to Nature and People”  Free and open to all   Presented by internationally-renowned educator/author Kim John Payne, M.Ed. 

"They Are Not Crazy. They Are Teenagers!: Substance Use and its Impact on the Developing Brain"  Free and open to all! FOR PARENTS OF TEENS AND PRE-TEENS  

"CIRCLE of SECURITY - Raising A Secure Child"  A Parenting Education Series for Parents of Children 0-5 yrs old in collaboration with First Connections

"Fostering Resiliency in Our Children as They Face Childhood Transitions"
Presented by Rick Irving, MSW 

Hosted by the Concord/Concord-Carlisle and Acton-Boxborough Special Education Parent Advisory Councils with support from our school districts- Standards Based Education, MCAS 2.0 for the 21st Century, Different ways to test ELL students and MCAS 

"Talking with Your Children About Diversity:
Building Bridges of Understanding, Appreciation and Respect"

Presented by esteemed educator and nationally-renowned public
speaker, Principal Baruti Kafele.

"Clearing Away the Smoke: How to Talk with Teens about Today's Marijuana"
presented by Dr. Sion Harris.  Free and open to all.
Tuesday, December 11th, 7:30 PM Concord-Carlisle High School in auditorium
Offered in collaboration with the CCHS Parents Association.

Fall 2018 Saturday Seminar   
"Techniques and Tips for Your Sensory Tool Kit"
Featuring Lisa van Gorder, OTR/L, CEIS
November 10, 2018      10 AM to 3 PM
Location: Harvey Wheeler Community Center, 1276 Main Street, Concord MA
Certificate of Attendance:  5 PDPs awarded to participants
This workshop gave early childhood teachers an understanding of sensory processing disorders. 

Starting the Conversation:  Talking to Your Children About Drugs
presented by Jon Cohan, CADC
In this 2-part workshop for adults, participants learned:
How to better communicate and engage their children in meaningful discussion about drugs and alcohol use; How to create a family culture that encourages open and fair discourse; How to set healthy limits with teens and preteens; Ways to coach their children on how to be prepared for challenging situations. 

"Smoothing the Transition to Kindergarten: Ways Families Can Best Support School Readiness"
 A special program for incoming Kindergarten Parents featuring Jeanine Fitzgerald, Parenting Educator, Teacher Trainer, founder of the Better Behavior Institute and author of The Dance of Interaction.

Social Host Liability: As Prom Season Approaches and Parties Gear Up, What You Need to Know About Your Liability for Alcohol & Marijuana At Home”
A Free program presented by
John Sofis Scheft, Esq.

"Vaping: How do we talk with kids about this emerging trend?"
Presented by Mary Cole, MPH, CHES
In Massachusetts almost 24% of high school students reported  u sing e-cigarette, and nearly half had tried them at least once.  More high school youth e-cigarettes than all all other tobacco products combined, AND they use them nine times more often than adults.Join us in a discussion to learn more. Vaping devices, including a juul and e-liquids, will be available so parents can see them, along with other materials.

"Marijuana, Adolescent Brain Development and Teen Risk-Taking: What Parents Need to Know"
This power-packed talk covered normal risk taking behaviors of the developing teen brain.  Dr. Potee focused on the impact of marijuana on the adolescent brain, acutely and long term.
This talk was a collaboration between the Center for Parents and Teachers, the Concord Health Department and Concord Youth Services through generous funding by Healthy Concord.

May Saturday Seminar: "Teaching Young Children Self-Regulation"
Featuring Jeanine Fitzgerald

Gaining self-regulation is a long, gradual process that depends on children internalizing the expectations of society. Without these skills, children may challenge authority, display explosiveness that harms others or destroy property, or remain incapable of delaying gratification, following through on instructions or effectively resolving conflicts. Anyone working with children today has experienced the results of not supporting the development of self-regulation. Now, it is time to discover the solutions.  [EEC Core Comp Area 2]

For parents of children from very young through high school age. Today’s busier, faster, supersized society is waging an undeclared war . . . on childhood. Reclaim for your children – for your whole family – the space and freedom we all need. The Simplicity Parenting approach is based on over thirty years’ experience successfully supporting busy families.  It helps you in making small doable changes, worry less – and enjoy more. For those who want to balance their children’s lives down but don’t know where to start, Simplicity Parenting offers both inspiration and a blueprint for change.

16th Annual Conference for Early Childhood Educators!
Exploring Ways to Ease Children’s Anxiety, Worry and “Overwhelm” Through the Simplified Classroom

Many children come into our classrooms from home feeling stressed and, often, a bit “overwhelmed”.  What can we as educators do to reduce their anxiety … and the behavioral challenges they exhibit?

January 2018 Saturday Seminar for Teachers
"Nature-Based Curriculum Using Loose Parts: Ideas on How to Take Learning Outdoors!*
Presented by Victoria Hackett, M.Ed.
Not sure what to do with the kids once you get outdoors? Want to bring the outdoors inside? Explore the magic of nature's loose parts and discover how you can instantly create "pop-up" outdoor classroom curriculum.

"Opiates, Addiction, and Our Kids: A Primer For Parents”
In this program for adults, participants learned: How addiction works in the adolescent brain (including addiction to e-cigs) and the risks addiction poses; How parents can talk to their children about drugs; Warning signs; How to get help.

The Pressured Child: Helping Your Child Find Success in School and Life”
In collaboration with, and funded by, the CCHS Parents Association,
The Center for Parents and Teachers invite parents to hear internationally acclaimed presenter, Dr. Michael Thompson
"The Pressured Child" is, in fact, a presentation for "pressured parents" who have forgotten what school is actually like. It is a talk for parents who are gripped by worries and misapprehensions about their children’s life in school.

Raising Safe and Confident Teenagers in These Turbulent Times”
Free three part workshop series presented by Rick Irving, MSW
A significant number of teenagers report feeling stressed and anxious, certainly more so than we did when we were growing up.  As parents, we sometimes struggle on a daily, if not hourly, basis with how best to support our kids while also increasing their resilience and sense of self-management. This workshop/discussion focused on specific ways to help teens, language to use, words to avoid, and skills to model and teach.

Raising a Student-Athlete: Sports Parenting in the 21st Century”
Presented by Adam H. Naylor, EdD, CC-AASP
A discussion focused on supporting your child’s health and thriving throughout their sporting experiences. Consideration was given to the parent’s role in developing confident and resilient young athletes and how to manage the stress of increasingly complicated sporting decisions which families face.

De-stressing Parents:  Raising Kids with Less Stress and More Success”
Presented by Robert Evans, Ed.D.  There is no harder job than being a parent. Nothing else touches so much of a person so deeply—or so unpredictably—and there is no training for it. As the pace of life accelerates, media influences intensify, and the future grows less predictable, parents find it harder to be confident—harder to know how to raise competent, caring children, how reduce their children’s stress—and their own. Rob Evans will outline these dilemmas and offer concrete suggestions for successful coping at home and school.

"Empty Nest (or Almost!):  A Discussion Group for Parents of Young Adults"
for Parents who have a child that has graduated high school

It’s an exciting time, but also one that comes with change. This 4-week discussion group will explore many of these changes by addressing the core concept of “Who am I? As a parent? As a partner? As a person?”

"Creating Early Childhood Environments that Welcome and Support Children with Gender Expansive Behavior and Children and Families with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Parents/Guardians".  Interactive workshop presented by Dr. Ellie Friedland, Associate Professor and Co-Chair, Early Childhood Education at Wheelock College. 

"Developing a School & Family Partnership Around Technology and the Digital World"
A Collaboration between the Concord Public Schools/Concord-Carlisle Regional School District and the Center for Parents and Teachers.
Parents were invited to join a conversation about developing a partnership related to technology and digital literacy in our K-12 schools. Parents brought their “wish list” of resources and opportunities that would be helpful to them and their family to support healthy, mindful use of technology as a learning tool, or simply to feel informed. Resources developed  took the form of go-to web pages, blog series, workshops, study groups, and more.

"Competence, Confidence and the Building of Resiliency in Our Children”
A series presented by Rick Irving, MSW

This series focused on ways to help our children develop an inner core of resilience as they grow up.  How children see their world was covered and, from that base, we looked at how you as parents can support a sense of competence.  With ever-present electronics, lack of sufficient sleep, world news, and increasing academic output demands, children often feel more anxious and less secure in how to manage the natural demands of their world.  Our presenter covered specific language and techniques you can use—and those NOT to use—to build your children into caring, balanced young people who can handle the stresses of the world they live in and become happy, confident and resilient adults. 

a 6-week Parent Support Group Program for parents of children with special needs (4-9 years old).
The group consisted of 12 members. Each member was asked to make a 6 week commitment to the group.  There were three different sets of dates to choose from. All series were held at the Ripley Administrative Building in Concord. Members of this group met other parents who offered immediate empathy for the unique challenges they face on a daily basis and for the long haul. .

15th Annual Conference for Early Childhood Educators:   Friday, March 17, 2017
"A Day About Science and Play.....the Lisa Murphy Way
!* Schedule
Featuring nationally renowned presenter Lisa Murphy, M.Ed.
6 Professional Development Hours awarded in a Certificate of Attendance.
 Through active and engaging storytelling Lisa brings you back to her first day of school, taking you on a grand tour of Miss Mary’s Nursery School. And, in the style she has become famous for, she shares many observations, lessons and anecdotes about how early childhood has changed along the way.

"MANY KINDS OF SMART! Understanding the Theory of Multiple Intelligences"
The incidence of childhood anxiety and depression is rising at an alarming rate.  Children and youth are feeling incredible pressure to perform.  Yet this pressure is having a negative impact on their ability to be successful in school and in other activities in their life.   By focusing solely on a one or two ways of learning, and ignoring other forms of intelligence, our culture puts in jeopardy the students who do not flourish in those domains.  They are not only at risk of not meeting their potential, they often perceive themselves to be a “failure” and give up or suffer through a mental health crisis. But there is another way!  Come learn empowering information first outlined by the esteemed educator Howard Gardner. 
Our presenter, Lisa Murphy M.Ed., puts her own spin on Howard Gardner’s classic theory.

"Nurturing the Well-balanced Student, Debunking the College Myth" 
with Denise Pope, PhD

Dr. Denise Pope, of Stanford University, examines the tension that students, teachers, and families often experience surrounding the culture of competition and offers research-based tools for creating a healthier community of learners. We all want our kids to do well in school and to master specific skills and concepts, but our largely singular focus on academic achievement has resulted in a lack of attention to other components of a successful life—the ability to be independent, adaptable, ethical, and engaged critical thinkers.

"Talk Saves Lives* a FREE one-hour workshop and light lunch - community based presentation that covers the general scope of suicide, the research on prevention, and what people can do to fight suicide. Attendees will learn the risk factors and warning signs of suicide and how together, we can help prevent it!

SATURDAY SEMINAR :    "Brain Gym®:The Essential Role of Movement to Stimulate Learning & Focus"  Professional Development Seminar
This 5-hour introduction provides opportunities to move, explore and play with Brain Gym®.
ABOUT OUR FACILITATOR:  Bonnie Hershey, M.Ed., is the owner and director of The Kinesiology Connection in Lexington, MA.

Special showing of the powerful movie Screenagers! This movie is appropriate & encouraged for both adults and kids. To see the trailer, visit Screenagers is brought to you by CMS PTG, Center for Parents and Teachers, Healthy Concord and Concord-Carlisle Youth Services.

Middle Schoolers and the Internet
"Guiding Our Children in Safe Use of Social Media and the Internet"  come learn from Internet Safety Expert Katie Greer on Thursday, December 8th at 7PM at CMS Sanborn
How do you make the best decisions for technology and your family?
One way is to be informed, educated and equipped with useful tools and strategies.
The Concord Middle School PTG along with Concord-Carlisle Youth Services, Healthy Concord and CPT invite you to "Middle Schoolers and the Internet: An Evening with Katie Greer".
Topics covered included:
Social networking
Interactive games trends and rules
Applications - trends, appropriateness, usefulness
Technology tattoos
Viral Kindness

"Positive Ways to Parent Your Teen:  Transitioning From Manager to Consultant"
A three-session workshop series presented by Susan Lerner, MSW, LICSW
Susan's presentation helped parents recognize that as children move into the developmental stage of adolescence, their parental roles need to change as well.  This interactive presentation helped parents understand that while they may have been fired as managers, they are still very much wanted and needed in their role of consultant.  Susan's presentation focused on identifying goals for parenting through the teen years, understanding the developmental tasks of adolescence and provide strategies for parenting teens.
Susan is a clinical social worker specializing in attachment, parenting and psychological trauma.  She graduated from Boston University School of Social Work in 1988 and has spent the last 25 years working with children, adolescents, adults and families.  Susan's area of interest is parenting and fostering life-long healthy family relationships. Susan is the Assistant Director at Metrowest Behavioral Health Center in Acton providing  individual and family therapy as well as parent coaching and consultation.  Drawing upon several evidence-based therapies, her clinical practice and at-home "laboratory" with her own three children, Susan presents practical strategies that are effective and help parents navigate the ups and downs of  the teen years with insight, patience and humor.  

If Only
Concord Carlisle High School Auditorium
Tuesday, November 1st from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Concord Carlisle Regional High School partnered with CC Youth Services, Concord and Carlisle Police Departments, Eliot of Middlesex Partnership and the Center for Parents and Teachers to host a community viewing of “If Only,” a short film co-written and produced by James Wahlberg. The film was created to initiate a meaningful dialogue between parents and children, and within communities, about prescription drug misuse and opiate addiction.
The film was made possible in part by:
Millennium Health
Recovery Centers of America
The Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation

"An Evening of Mindfulness for Parents"
Mindfulness has been transforming lives, for centuries. It’s not about clearing our minds, although it brings clarity. It’s not about blissing out, though practice creates contentment. And it’s not about stress reduction, though it can significantly reduce stress.
Presentation offered by Dr. Mary Ann Christie Burnside

Saturday Seminar:  Growing Up Wild  
Professional Development Seminar
Exploring Nature with Young Children is a training for early childhood educators, complete with activity guide, that builds on children’s sense of wonder about nature and invites them to explore wildlife and the world around them. Through a wide range of activities and experiences, it provides a foundation for developing positive impressions about nature while also building lifelong social and cognitive skills.
Supports developmentally appropriate practice allowing children to learn at levels that are individually, socially, and culturally appropriate. Is correlated to the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Standards and the Head Start Domains.

Ways to Help Your Family Be Healthier and More Resilient
There’s a lot coming at families these days:  many stresses and lots of expectations.  Anxiety can run high as we all aim to meet pressing deadlines.  Sometimes the communication we use with each other as parents and with our children does not lead to what we are aiming for.  It may become frustrating and lead to more tension.  We all seem to struggle with the hectic pace of life and look for ways to bring more balance and health to our families.

January 30, 2016   Saturday Seminar
Making Something Better Happen: The Negotiation of Power and Control in Schools and Families
Facilitated by Barney Brawer  of Tufts and Harvard

Professional Development Workshops for Early Childhood Educators, 2015 – 2016
 Nov. 4, 2015,  The Art of Communicating with Parents
 Dec, 2, 2015Anxiety in Young Children: What Teachers Can Look For and How they Can Help
 Jan. 13, 2016,Supporting Positive Behavior in the Early Childhood Classroom
 Feb. 10, 2016,Come Play Yoga: An Exploration in Movement and Mindfulness…
 Mar. 23, 2016,Increasing Your Cultural Competency: Valuing Diversity, Bridging Differences
 Apr. 13, 2016, Self Care for Educators: Mindfulness Practices as An Antidote to Stress
 May 4, 2016,  STEM in the Block Corner

March 25, 2015     Food for Thought Series
Finnish Lessons: What can the U.S. learn from educational change in Finland?
Featuring Dr. Pasi Sahlberg, international expert in education, renowned for his understanding of ways to improve education.

High Schoolers and Snooze Buttons: 

Lack of Adequate Sleep is The New Public Health Crisis 
Concord-Carlisle High School Auditorium 
Wednesday, October 19, 2016,  7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
An esteemed panel of speakers led by Dr. Judith Owens from Boston Children's Sleep Center reviewed current research on sleep patterns in adolescents, factors contributing to chronic sleep loss, and health-related consequences, such as depression, risky behaviors, increased obesity risk, and higher rates of drowsy driving accidents. The panel also discussed the potential role of policy changes such as reduced homework and later school start times as a means of reducing the adolescent sleep crisis. .