CPT operates a curriculum lending library for use by area preschools who are members . The lending library has over 30 'units' (curriculum kits) that facilitate play and learning in the preschool classroom (scroll down for a listing of kits and contents) .  Kits include materials themed for such adventures as firefighters, gardening, builders and so on.  

Kits can be reserved for use at a local child care center by the center becoming a member.  Child Care Centers who pay an annual membership fee will have the privilege of checking out kits from the library throughout the academic year.    If interested, please be in touch with CPT by email  ( to request more information.

Other resources include a parent education lending library:  a series of books and pamphlets that cover a wealth of parenting topics for all ages and stages.  Be in touch if interested in visiting and browsing this free resource for parents!

Lending Library Kits

. Curriculum Kit 1. A New England Farm
Plastic farm animals, 44-piece Flannel board set, Puzzles; Books: Sounds on the farm; I Went Walking, Mrs. Wishy Washy, Rosie’s Walk,  It’s Too Noisy; On the Farm; Penny the Pony; Barnyard Dance; Moo Moo, Brown Cow; Touch and Feel Farm; Rubber stamps, Stamp pads; Templates; Farm pegs and Pegboard, Hand puppets, Playmobile Farm Animals set; Wooden barn (separate).

Curriculum Kit 2. Africa
Flags; Ethnic Clothing; African Instruments; Music and Story tapes; Authentic dolls; Beadwork; Masks to make; 15 Animal Figures; Mancala game; Recipes; Gems; Shells; Art of Africa museum photos; 9 Books including: “Emeka’s Gift and A Country Far Away”;  Activity Ideas; Rubber stamps.

Curriculum Kit 3.  Auto Mechanic
Buckets; Funnel; Gas can; Push broom; Plastic cones; Signs; Gloves; Steering wheel cover; Windshield scraper; Squeegee; Hose nozzle; Air filter; Flash light; Cleaning cloth and sponge; Car keys; Mechanic kit with tools; Books, Service Station ; All Aboard Cars; Cars and How They Go; CAR; At the Auto Repair Center, etc.; Large red gas tank (separate).

Curriculum Kit 4 – Birds
Bird Puppets (6); Stuffed birds with sounds (5); 2 Pairs of binoculars; Puzzles; Bird Identifier; A bird call; Tape of owl calls; Books: Bird Call Book/CD; Bird Calls tab book with sounds; Birds, Nests & Eggs; Big Books: Three Little Ducks; Have you Seen My Duckling?;  Trade books; Robin’s nest; Felt nest with baby birds.

Curriculum Kit 5. Body, Feelings, Senses
I Never Forget A Face matching game; Book: All Kinds; Look Inside Your Body;  Books: 20+ books (donated by the Health Education  Dept., Concord Public Schools); “Some Body” Game; Anatomy Aprons; Dress-up doll; Take-apart doll; 2 Sets “Big Feet”, Sequencing Body Puzzle; My Body Magnet boards; Lotto Feelings; Feelings cards; 5 Touch boxes; 5 Smell jars; Around the World soundtracks; 5 trade books; Big Book: My Five Senses.

Curriculum Kit 6.  Camping (with tent)
Chairs; Sleeping bag; Magnetic Fishing Poles; Fish; Picnic Basket/utensils; 2 Canteens; Thermos/carrier; Soft cooler; Table Cloths;  Flashlights; Binoculars; Play camping set with canteen; Compass; Flashlight; Lantern; Large assortment of play food.

Curriculum Kit 7. Construction
Tool boxes with tools (x 4) ; Drill; Sandpaper and sanding block; Work gloves; Aprons; Hard hats; Goggles; Orange cones; “Danger” tape; Road lights; Johnny Tractor Dominoes; Floor Puzzle; Chunky World Construction pieces; Stop/Slow sign; Tape measure; Books: 4 Bob the Builder; Trucks, etc.; Game: Rivers, Roads and Rails; Roman Arch Blocks; Brio Mechanic Building Set; Front-end loader truck (separate); 34-piece Rubber Road set (separate bag).

Curriculum Kit 8. Creative Play Environment
Bamboo roll-up mats; Clothespins; Twine; Scissors; 6 large sheer curtain scarves;  Mesh canopy tent;  Wooden blocks on pull-cart; Wooden figures on wheels; Wooden doll-house furniture; Wooden blocks; Creative outdoor play information packet.

Curriculum Kit 9. Dancer
Large Scarves; 12 sets of Wrist Ribbons; Ballet dress, slippers & wand; Ballet Cape; Tutus; Capes; 4 Leotards; Ballet wrap skirt; Jazz skirt; Tap and Ballet shoes; Wands; Skating Costume; Flamenco dress and fan; 2 sets kid castanets;  Imaginetics Ballet;  Nina Magnetic Dress up Ballerina.

Curriculum Kit 10. Dinosaurs (2 Box kit)
4 Dino Costumes; Stuffed dinos; Dino finger puppets; Dinosaur figures; Skeletons; Paleontologists’ hats; Dino lotto; Dino Bingo; Stencils; Templates; Sponges; 2 large Stamp Pads; Dino Stamp Kit; Dino Placemat; Magnetic Dinosaurs II; Mini dinos; dino molds; Flannel Board characters; Puzzles; Dino puppets; Books; Big Books: If the Dinosaurs Came Back, Amazing Dinosaurs.

Curriculum Kit 11. Doctor
Doctor’s bags with instruments; Uniforms; Hospital johnnies; Xrays; Eye chart; Signs; Posters; Finger splints; Ace bandages; Braces; Various bandages; Arm sling; Medicine cup; Tooth brushing tray;  Game: “Some Body”; Anatomy Aprons; Books: Germs Make Me Sick; Me Too, Hospital Book, Germs, Germs, Germs!, My Friend the Doctor; Corduroy  Goes to the Doctor; Emergency Call; My Trip to the Dentist; The Human Body Look Inside Your Body. 

Curriculum Kit 12. Family
Dollhouses (1 large folding and 1 small); assorted block play people (ethnic and some with disabilities); Books: Baby Human; What Kind of Family is This? Living with My Family; What Kind of Family Do You Have?; Love is a Family;  and more. American Sign Language Packet with signs for family members, love, etc.; “Good Morning Chart” in various languages; Pots, Pans, Kettle, Plastic food; Dishwashing items; Big Books: The Napping House; A Quilt Story.

Curriculum Kit 13. Firefighter
4 Outfits; Authentic helmets; 2 Flashlights; Walkie-talkies; Play Axes; Hoses;  Firefighter;  Fireman’s Safety Hints; etc. Floor puzzles; “Stuffed Dalmatian dog; Dalmatian costume; Plastic fire truck with little people.

Curriculum Kit 14. Gardening
“Patterns in the Garden” cards; Kids’ hoes and shovels; Rakes; Diggers; Trowels; 3 Watering cans; 2 Knee pads; Gloves; 4 Plastic garden bugs; Flower Sponges; Books: How a Seed Grows; How Seeds Travel; Sunflower; Bean; Garden Animals; etc.; Big Book: The Snail’s Spell.  Game: Wonder Garden.

Curriculum Kit 15. Shopping
2 Shopping carts; Cash register/scanner; Play money; Vegetable basket; Bread basket; Fruit and Vegetable “Cut-Ups” basket; Assorted grocery items; Food scale; Telephone; Broom; Big Book: Greedy Cat.

Curriculum Kit 16. Insects and Spiders
5 Hand puppets; Bug “Bonz”; 2 Giant magnifying glasses; Mini-telescopes; Bug boxes; Rubber bugs; Dragonfly kaleidoscope; Bugs Rubbing Plates; Paper/crayons; 2 Bumblebee costumes; Lady-bug costume; Butterfly wings; Bug-Catching game; Bug Lotto; Games: Very Hungry Caterpillar; Snail’s Pace; Honey Bee Tree; Books: Ladybug Life; Spiders Spin Silk; Honeybee; Insects Visit Flowers; The Butterfly; Bug IQ; Pocket Guide to Bugs and Slugs; Big Book and Small Book sets; “Bugnoculars” magnifying box;  Rainbow Stamp pad; Large Stamp Pad; Insect Stickers; Wasp Nest; Puzzles.

Curriculum Kit 17. Kings and Queens
Costumes: Knight; King’s robe, crown, scepter; Princess dress and tiara; Queen’s dress and tiara; Prince jacket and pants; Tutu, Wand; Fairy wings; Jester’ cap. Assorted costume jewelry; Velvet storage pouches; Dragon puppet; 85 Wooden Castle Blocks; Floor puzzle: Castle; Small puzzle: Build a Castle;  “Make Your Own Fairy Tale”

Curriculum Kit 18. Make Believe and Dress Up
2 Fairy Wings, Tutus, Wands; Pirate Jacket, Belt, Cape; “Belle” Princess dress/jeweled tiara; Pirate coins/pouch; Treasure chests; Cowboy and Girl outfits; Robin Hood outfit; etc.  Puzzle: Fairy Tale Castle; Rainbow Stamp Pad; Assorted jewelry and “treasure”; Fairy Tale Big Book; Fairy Tale Puppet ideas; Game: Kids on Stage

Curriculum Kit 19. Multicultural Experiences, Around the World
Kids around the World play people; Pizzas; Aprons; Cash Register; Costumes:Chinese Dress; Asian Fan; Ghanaian Dashiki; Mexican Falda; Japanese Happi; World Playground Music CD; Books: We are America; Children Just Like Me;Everybody Bakes Bread; Everybody Cooks Rice; Just Like Me; What You See in Chinatown; My Big Book of the World; and more; Tub of Multicultural Food;Variety of breads; Chinese dishes; Bamboo steamer; “Cheater” Chopsticks; Wok; Spoons; Bamboo Mats; Ling Ling Board Doll; Puzzle: CHILDREN of the World; Tea bags, Menus; Big Book: Bread, Bread, Bread; Multicultural Cookbook; Guides.

Curriculum Kit 20. Musical Instruments
Children of the World Music CD; Rhythm Sticks (5 sets); Kids’ Castanets (4 sets); Mini Cha-Cha; 5 Mexican Guiro tone blocks and sticks; 3 Snare drums; Kallisti Marimba; Xylophone; 4 Sandpaper blocks; Bracelets with bells; Tambourine; Small cymbal; Triangle; 6 hand bells; and Sticks; 2 music books, 2 Lollipop drums with mallets; 2 Ocean drums with mallets; 1 Kokoriko; Maracas; Puzzle: Instruments’ Sounds.

Curriculum Kit 21. Native American
4 “Deerskin” Costumes with belts; 1 “Deerskin” papoose; 2 pr. “moccasins”; Fleece blanket w/ Native Am. Design; Pelts; Plastic buffalo; 4 Musical shakers; Feather headbands; Dance Bells, Wampum pouches; Necklaces; “Pony Race” puzzle; Video of the “Indian Paintbrush”; Playmobile items; Lots of Books and 2 Big books; Separate: Nylon Tee-Pee with lightweight poles.

Curriculum Kit 22. Ocean
Deep-Sea sounds drum; Under the Sea Floor Puzzle; Sea Life Puzzle; Giant Sea life Puppets; Plastic sea animals including: lobster, hermit crab, starfish, humpback whale, blue spotted ray, etc.  Magnetic Fishing Game;  “Under the Sea” Lacing cards; Rubber stamps and stamp pads; Books: Starfish; Baby Whales Drink Milk; Lobster’s Secret; Living Things Need Food; Ocean Wildlife;  One Less Fish; lots more! 2 Soft books; Big Books: Sea Life; The Greedy Octopus; Ocean book and CD; Ocean Fish rubbing plates; paper/crayons; Sponges; Templates, 31 Tag Board creatures and guide; Ocean Lotto.

Curriculum Kit 23. Space
4 Astronaut Costumes w/ helmets; Control Panel; books: Space Trip; We Work in Space; The International Space Station; Build a Spaceship Puzzle; Book: Don’t Know Much About the Solar System; “Space Toob” Mini Collectibles; Inflatable spheres; Books: A Walk in Space, Big Silver Space Shuttle; Night Sky kits; Glow in the dark stars and planets; Star finder; Phases of the Moon cards; Templates; Glow in the dark footprints; Video: There Goes a Spaceship; Cassette: A Journey Into Space; Big Books: What is in Space?; Somewhere in the Universe; Star Finder.

Curriculum Kit 24. Painter
Aprons; hats; buckets; rollers; trays; brushes; paint scrapers; foam brushes; paint stirrers; masks; rags; Book: The Wilsons, A House-Painting Team; Color Charts/color chips; project ideas

Curriculum Kit 24 and 25. Post Office 1 and 11
4 Mail Carrier uniforms with soft caps and mailbags; Telephone; Cash register; Scale; Letter sorters; Stamp pads, Assorted stamps; Toy U.S. Mail truck; US mail bin; Mailing boxes; Envelopes; Stickers; Forms; USP information; Cancelled stamps; Coloring books and crayons; Books: Stamps and Stories; The Post Office;  Cash register; Paper/envelopes; Large blue stand-up mail box (separate). 4 Mail Carrier uniforms w/hard mail hats and mail bags; Working Play cash register; Stamping kit;  Rainbow stamp pad; Books: Mail Carriers; The Post Office; scale; Paper sorter; US Postal supplies; paper/envelopes; cancelled stamps; crayons; stickers; Rural mail box (separate).

Curriculum Kit 26. Restaurant
Wooden play spice rack, dish pan, dishes, cutlery, measuring cups, rolling pins, baking utensils, pots and pans, play money, cash register, dish towels (3), lobster plates (4), misc food items, sliceable fruit and vegetables, sandwich fixings, breads, pizza, aprons, chefs hats, telephone, menus, credit cards, floor mop

Curriculum Kit 27. Rocks and Minerals
Compartment box with 21 small rocks and minerals; large rocks; information Poster; Eyewitness Book: Rocks and Minerals; Book: Let’s Go Rock Collecting

Curriculum Kit 28. Science
Lab Coat, Balance scale; Magnetic marbles; Magnet wand kit; Periscope; Prisms; Light crystal; 15 Color paddles; Mixing trays; Eye droppers and squeeze bottles; Magnifying glasses; magnet art box; Color tubes; Kaleidoscope; Bubble trumpet; Star Bubble; Tornado tubes; Folding ruler; Measuring tape; Sound recognition tubes; Cirus park gear activity set; Books: 175, Science Experiments

Curriculum Kit 29. Transportation
Car and ramp set, hardwood community vehicles; assorted matchbox vehicles:  Planes, Cars, Trucks; Metal school bus; Traffic signs; Build a City Puzzle; Stop/Slow sign; 1 Police hat; 1 Police costume w/ hat; 1 Pilot costume; Vehicles Sliding Maze; Going Places Puzzle; Round Vehicles, Puzzle; Vehicle Sounds Puzzle; Game: Tow Away Zone; Chunky Vehicles, Puzzle; Plastic school bus with figures; Books: Cars and How They Go; Game: Trains, Boats and Planes; Red plastic fireman’s hats;  2 Construction hats; 2 Traffic cones; Lots of new books! Vehicle stamp set; Rubber Road (separate); Separate Brio Train Kit that can complement kit.

Curriculum Kit 30. Vet Cage on Wheels
Crate with a variety of animal “Patients” –Stuffed dogs, cats, rabbit, horse, ferret, etc.; Lauri Puzzle: Mother Cat/Kittens; “Imaginetics” – A Visit to the Pet Vet; Pet beds; Stuffed bone; Travel bowl; “Meow” and “Woof” placemats; Play mice; Rope bone; Cat and Dog rubber stamps; Stamp Pad; 11 copies of “A Dog Named Honey”; Canned cat and dog food; toothbrush; Dog and cat brushes;  Puzzle: Pets; Vet outfits; VET bag with tools; X-Rays; Books: Franklin Wants a Pet; The Best Pets Yet; Puppies; Kittens; Dog Care Book; Cat Breeds; Veterinarians Help Keep Animals Healthy; Touch and Feel Kittens and Puppies and more.

Curriculum Kit 31. Wildlife
Woodland animal puppets ; Binoculars; Magnifying glasses; Animal tracks stamps; Animal sponges; Posters; Various puzzles; Finger puppets: wolf; opossum; chipmunk; Rubber toad, snake, snapping turtle, hatching turtle; squishy turtle; Hedgehog with babies; Beanie bat; Turtle and rabbit rubber stamps; 2 Large stamp pads; Book: Big Tracks, Little Tracks; Paper; Block crayons; Books: Bear Shadow; Woodland Wonder; Book of Seasons; Frederick; Alexander and the Wind-up Mouse; Little Hands on Nature; 16 Animal Tracks rubbing plates; Big Books: The Mitten; Hidden Animals; Animal poems; Book and Tape sets.

Manipulative Materials 
Brio Train – A large, wooden railway starter kit with accessory pieces.
Carpet Pattern Blocks – Large blocks made of carpet to be used on the floor.
Finger Puppet Theatre – Contains stage, 4 story-time finger puppets, and other finger puppets (replace).
Parachute – 12” parachute and book, Parachute Play for Indoor/Outdoor Fun.
Puppets- Large brown bear, ostrich, crone/witch, community helpers.
Water Play Discovery Kit – Includes a variety of connectors, tubes and valves.
Big Books also available to borrow!