Saturday Seminar


Building Science Learning on Children’s Natural Curiosity

April 11, 2020 10:00 AM to 3 PM

Presenters: Karen Worth and Jeff Winokur

Location: Harvey Wheeler Community Center, 1276 Main Street, Concord MA

Certificate of Attendance: 5 PDPs awarded to participants - 5 hours of training and light lunch

EEC Core Competency Area: 5  This workshop includes material applicable to the needs of diverse learners and children with special needs. 

$75 to sign up by mail-in form or register online at Eventbrite (the online fee makes the total equal $79.22). Mail-in form at bottom of page following program description.   Pre-registration is required. No refunds unless class is cancelled by CPT. 

Program Information

Through hands-on (and minds-on) explorations, discussion, classroom video and more, we will explore

strategies for creating an environment that encourages young children to pursue their curiosity and deepen their inquiry into the natural world.

About Our Presenters Karen Worth and Jeff Winokur

Karen Worth is a consultant in science education at the early childhood and elementary grade levels. She was a faculty member at Wheelock College for over 35 years, where she taught early childhood and elementaryeducation with a focus on science education, served as Chair of the Elementary Education Department and coordinated the graduate Integrated Elementary and Special Education program.

Ms. Worth also worked as a senior research scientist at Education Development Center, Inc. for more than 25 years leading a range of programs focused on curriculum development, professional development, and systemic reform in science education in formal and informal education settings.

As a consultant, Ms. Worth provides professional development and guidance on the implementation of inquiry-based early childhood and elementary science programs to a wide range of organizations across the United States and internationally. She has been a consultant and advisor to schools, early childhood settings, and a number of museums including the Boston Children’s Museum and the Chicago Children’s Museum. She has advised public television stations such as WGBH and PBH and community organizations across the country. She is a recipient of the Exploratorium’s Outstanding Educator Award for her work in science education, the international puRkwa prize for the scientific literacy of the children of the planet, and the NSTA Distinguished Service Award.

Jeff Winokur works with teachers, schools, and districts on issues pertaining to early childhood and elementary science professional development. Previously, Jeff was a member of the faculty at Wheelock College for 35 years, where he taught pre-service and in-service courses in the teaching of science to children, and consulted with early childhood programs and elementary school districts. Jeff also worked at Education Development Center (EDC) for 20 years on a number of early childhood and elementary science projects. He is one of the developers and co-authors of The Young Scientist Series, an early childhood science curriculum (Red Leaf Press), as well as a developer of materials designed to help elementary teachers make connections between science and literacy: Science and Literacy--A Natural Fit, and The Essentials of Science and Literacy (Heinemann). Jeff presents at local and national conferences and has co-authored a number of articles that have appeared in the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) journal Science and Children and is co-author of a chapter in Linking Science & Literacy in the K-8 Classroom (NSTA Press).


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Pre-registration is required. No refunds unless class is cancelled by CPT.